Saturday, January 17, 2009

How to Become a Real Estate Investing Success

The key to investing in real estate is to find yourself a good realtor. This is important because the real estate market is huge which means jobs in the real estate market are hot. While there is plenty of room for new faces, with new realtors comes inexperience. A single mistake by a realtor can keep a house the market far longer than it should be and in the end it will cost you more money then what you receive in profit. If you are looking to buy and sell real estate it is important to have an experienced and well versed realtor at your side. Before you sign up with a realtor there are several things you should consider.

First of all determine if you need a realtor at all. If holding onto a particular property is not a problem from a time or financial stand point you may be able to market it yourself. This would definitely save you money on realtor fees but you may have a hard time moving the house. Also make sure you know how real estate contracts work and have professional look over anything before either party signs. If you decide that you do need an agent for your real estate investments make sure you interview several agents from different companies. Below is a list of questions to ask them before you sign:

How do they market their houses? Will your house get the exposure it needs to sell and sell fast? What is the scope of their marketing? TV? Radio? Magazines? Newspapers? World Wide Web?

What is the realtor's experience and background. How long have they been a realtor, how many houses, have they sold, and how successful have they been?

How long does it take them to sell a home? What is the price range of houses they usually list? How many homes are they trying to sell currently?

Have they worked with investors in the real estate market before?

What is will the percentage commission be on the house they sell? Remember that for a house to be worth a realtor's time they are going to need to make money off of it. Additionally some realtor's offer a deal in which if you use them both buying and selling they give you a reduced commission rate.

Finding a successful and experienced real estate agent is important because you can build a lasting relationship which is financially beneficial for both of you. Real estate investments especially flipping houses for profit is a booming business. It is equally important to forge relationships with construction companies, wholesalers, and the community in which you are buying and sell homes.

Sometimes the best marketing is word of mouth. Realtor's will often try to lower your asking price to decrease the amount of time a house is on the market, thus reducing their work load. As the seller you are in charge, after all the realtor is working for you. Make sure your the decisions that are made are best for you and your financial goals.